Getting a Spring in our step! 
Finally we see some sunny days and warmer breezes forcing their way through, what has felt like, an everlasting winter. 
As we feel the lighter, brighter days lift our spirits, we can also have something else to feel cheery about... Money! 
Yes, it finally looks like our economy is at the very beginning of an upturn as interest rates slowly start to decline, those of us with mortgages can start to breath a little easier. 
Coupled with the drop in National Insurance Contributions (NIC's) and the increase in our National Minimun Wage, we can tread a bit lighter into 2024, hopeful that things will continue to improve. 
Yes the cost of living is still unbelievable, so we may not be jumping for joy just yet, but it is so important for our mental health to look at what we have and find ways to be appreciative of that. 
There are many things out there to help us manage our money being one of them, with advice and free apps to help with budgeting or savings. 
The governement have also set up a page dedicated to helping people in the cost of living crisis and if you ever feel completely ovewhelmed and can't afford to seek the help of a financial advisor you can always contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for free confidential support.  
Lets hope the warmer weather stays with us now. (I'd really love to pack my winter coat away!) Fingers crossed for the rest of 2024 continuing to improve for us all. 
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