As our Petrol and Diesel prices finally start to tiptoe back down the ever increasing scale. We are all aware of a more thunderous storm darkening our doors. The Energy prices that have risen twice this year already, are set to increase by 80% by October. Just in time for the colder months when we will all have to use more. The government have promised to help finaancially, our communities no doubt will rally round and support eachother in any way they can (It is what I love most about humnan kind), but what about our businesses? If you have a commercial energy tariff then you will have no cap on your energy bills. Leaving you in a more precarious position. 
You would be surprised but the smallest changes can help to lower your costs, for example, not leaving phone chargers plugged in and turning things off at the plug rather than leaving them on standby really do make a difference. It may be a small drop in the ocean but it is definitely a start.  
Changing your suppplier to a greener energy company, not only could you save money for your business, but will give a little help towards saving the planet too. 
Installing a smart meter will provide you with the insight of what and when the most energy is being used in your company, in turn helping you figure out where you could save much needed pennies! 
Take a look at the government website to see what help they can offer and keep updated with anything you (as a business) may be entitled to, such as grants, loans and incentives for companies to go green. 
Check out the citizens advice page below for their appliance cost calculator. This could help you figure out more ways to cut costs. 
At times like these I often find it useful to reflect on what positives I can see, any possibilities that may be staring me in the face but I haven't grasped because I've become too bogged down by media scaremongering. Trying to balance practical with emotional and as always, being greatful for the position we are in now and how to safeguard that. 
It has felt like one blow after the other since 2019 but we refuse to let it outshine all the amazing things that have happened over the last three years. 
For example, my dog no longer eats our socks!!! Little triumphs. :)  
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