Don't feel grey. 
We know work and stress can sometimes go hand in hand, especially after the fun of Christmas has passed. Throw some grey days and wet weather into the mix and it's easy to feel like giving up. 
DON'T! There are brighter days to come, try these tips to keep you feeling brighter through the doldrums of winter.  
1. Have a morning 'you' moment! 
It's so easy to roll out of bed, straight into a rush of preparing to leave the house as soon as possible. Whether it's with an armful of children to get to school first or a solitary effort in summoning up the 'get up and go' for the day. If you can find 10 minutes to breath, stretch and collect your thoughts before leaving the door, your a step in the right direction to be on top of things, instead of feeling under them. 
2. Stay ahead of the game! 
When you are feeling a little less motivated, it's easy to put things off, maybe till the afternoon which then turns into tomorrow? With life and work never being predictable, all it takes is for something to 'crop up' and then that 'small thing to do later' becomes 'I should have done it earlier!' 
3. Create a to do list! 
It's an oldie but a goldie! 
Actually organising what needs to be done, what is achievable and what you need help with, into lists and physically crossing them off, really can help alleviate the stress that comes with having too much on your plate. 
4. Communicate! 
With more ways of communicating than ever before in history, you'd be surprised how many people still find it difficult to talk openly. 
There is far too much judgement on what people should be able to achieve, especially in business. If you can vocalise what stresses or strains you are under, either to colleagues, friends or family, you'll be surprised how many of them are probably feeling the same. Even if they can't provide a solution, the support and understanding you will receive can help you feel better, just from talking. 
5. Don't take your work home with you! 
And if you work from home, have definite cut off times for when you start, lunch and finish for the day. 
Your home is supposed to be a safe and loving environment where work stress is not welcome. Appreciating that this is not always possible, make sure you create some more of that 'you time' in the evenings with no screens! Reading, walking, family games, exercise, art, meditation, music anything that can relax you and allow you to let go of the day. 
6. Eat healthy and exercise! 
No explanation needed! 
Though with our best intentions, none of us are perfect and eating chocolate whilst watching a film under blanket, can also release those happy feelings.  
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