As Spring continues to tease us with sunny outbursts inbetween thunder storms and cold winds, we keep catching a glimpse of Summer tiptoeing ever closer and promising warmth, fun, respite and an inevitable sprint to the sea, before the crowds turn the serene coastlines into beautiful chaos. Yet, still this feeling of unease, simpers along, whining inside to be listened to, as we are all venturing forward and not wanting to acknowledge it. Covid19 (yes that word) caused so many issues, we are still feeling the impact, though trying our hardest not to, and are seeing huge knock on effects on our economy. Especilally with the travesty that is occurring still in the Ukraine. Now we are hearing whispers of Monkey Pox and talk of the energy cap being raised again!  
Oh how we desperately look forward to having a break, getting away and forgetting our realistic lives for the one maybe two weeks we get in the Summer. Yet here we are debating affordability and worrying about all the issues we have literally no control over. How do we stay informed without overwhelming ourselves or fixating? 
There are plenty of resources out there where you can keep in the loop without being drenched in political bias and fear mongering. We thought we would provide you with a few links that we like and remember you can always search on the government website 
The Financial Times - 
KPMG International - 
The Association of Accounting Technicians -  
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