Hello everyone! WOW that was a bit blustery.  
A few glimpses of the sun have cheered us up after our lovely friends Dudley and Eunice have departed. Though it would be great if Franklin would take the hint and leave now too! 
As we are picking up the debris and patching up the damage that these exhilirating storms have left us, I have been contemplating what it must be like to live in countries that live with extreme weather all the time. Not to mention people who live in places where natural disasters are looming over them on the boarders of the tectonic plates. 
Science and Nature battling to see who can come out on top, except deep down, we all know nature will always have the power to win if it wanted too. That's not to say the amazing advances in technology haven't helped immensley. Not only in understanding our weather but also predicting and being able to pre-empt so far ahead of time that we can prepare as best we can. 
The ability to be able to forsee whats ahead would be invaluable in the business world but unfortunately we live in a place where the unexpected can happen at any time. After the pandemic ensued and our worlds were altered, we have all taken a little more caution in safe guarding the things that are important to us. Whilst we are trying to rebuild our economy (and now repair nationwide damages) it's so important to remind our selves that these set backs always have learning opportunities hidden within them. Be orgnised, be prepared, be safe but also, give it a go, don't put it off, take a risk.  
No-one knows what lies ahead but if life decides to whip us up into a frenzy, why not find a way to enjoy the ride. 
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