Autumn already! How did that happen? 
The seasons seem to go by faster each year. Before we know it, our children are back in school, the summer days have disappeared and the moon greets us earlier each evening. A chill to our mornings and brambles thick with blackberries let us know we have definitely left the summer holidays behind. For some, this welcome's new starts, changes in direction and scrambling around trying to find your warmer clothes, only to realise you are overheating by lunchtime. 
For others this feels overwhelming and like the year is competing in a race against us and time. Deadlines, Commitments, the lure of Christmas edging ever closer and before we can lift our heads up for air, we are back into Self-assessments and Year end looming around the corner. 
The constant management of finances can hold us back from being able to appreciate the subtle differences in the changes of seasons, or enjoy buying a coffee in a park, when our mind is turning over budgets and cut off dates.  
Ever looking forward to what we have to achieve next, be prepared for, finalise or complete in time of, only gives a helping hand in the years race to win, as it shifts our focus from slowing down and enjoying the now. Being present rather than working ahead of time. 
Advice? Only this... delegate what you can to allow yourself some precious moments of living instead of just exisiting. We at Salter and Weare have had the pleasure of freeing up many of our clients time to alleviate the pressures of HMRC deadlines and financial organisation, which in turn lifts some weight off of their shoulders so they can take time to breathe, focus on their business, their family and our beautiful world. 
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